About Us

Solinnov Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company, established in 2010 with operating premises in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have grown to become a preferred vendor of the Australian Defence Department and several private sector clients. This has been the product of outstanding value provided to these organisations.

We deliver beyond the expectations of time, quality, and cost. Our innovative solutions in the delivered systems have saved our customers time and money. Our culture is in the passion for what we do, and the pride in the products that we deliver.

Our vision is to achieve the position of a domestic leader in high performance embedded signal processing in Communications, Electronic Warfare, and Radar applications, and ultimately become a global leader in these application areas.


Solinnov’s Mission …

To optimise customer’s value in all our customer contracts and products.



Meet Our Team

Our teams are in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia.


Sanka Piyaratna

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), the University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Master of Engineering, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

Sanka is the CEO of Solinnov and is an Engineer, specialising in algorithm and FPGA design. He is also a key member of the system integration team and is responsible for business development.


David Rowe

  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering 
  • PhD in Electronic Engineering (topic: speech compression) 
  • Associate Diploma in Business Administration

    David Rowe is a Principle Engineer at Solinnov, has been working with and managing signal processing hardware and software for 30 years.  David has worked on open hardware and software projects in VOIP, developing world communications, echo cancellation, speech compression, modems, and digital voice over HF radio.  David writes a popular blog that is read by 70,000 people each month (http://rowetel.com).


Anh Huynh

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam
  • Master of Engineering (Electronic), Kyung Hee University, South Korea
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), the University of Melbourne, Australia

Anh is an Engineer at Solinnov, specialising in embedded signal processing for communication and radar systems on FPGAs, system integration and verification of complex FPGA designs, RF and mixed-signal integrated circuits, and PCB design.



Pev Hall

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) (Honours), Flinders University, Australia

Pev is an Engineer at Solinnov, specialising in FPGA design and digital signal processing. Prior to joining Solinnov, Pev was instrumental in creating world-leading systems and algorithms. Systems where he was the lead firmware engineer include, 6 GHz instantaneous ES receiver (currency transitioning into service), 5 GHz instantaneous EA system (based on an original novel algorithm) and Passive radar test-bed OPSTSR125 (currently in service). Pev has also led the development of the TASAR and SPARTAN                                                                FPGA DSP algorithms, both of which have been transitioned into service.


Zhining Lim

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Computer Systems Engineering), the University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Doctor of Philosophy, the University of Adelaide, Australia

Zhining is an Engineer at Solinnov, working in the areas of signal processing and communications. Prior to joining Solinnov, Zhining was in the area of VLSI doing the layout, place and route, and verification of full-chip integrated circuits and their analog and digital components.




Scott Hutchinson

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) (Honours), Flinders University, Australia

Scott is an Engineer at Solinnov, where he is working on the development of real time embedded systems and signal processing for electronic warfare and communications. His strengths are in probabilistic state estimation and autonomous robotic software development.


Chamarie Piyarathna

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
  • Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration, Open University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Chamarie is the Finance and Administration Manager at Solinnov. She looks after the administration, finance, purchasing, invoicing, and payroll activities in Solinnov.


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