High Performance Embedded Electronics

Solinnov Pty Ltd is an Australian small to medium enterprise that provides customised solutions in high-performance embedded signal processing systems

Complex Algorithms

Our expertise in designing complex digital signal processing algorithms is used at time-critical points in projects

FPGA Design

We offer cost-effective solutions for field programmable gate array related projects

Real-Time Software

We have a proven track record in producing high-quality reliable embedded real-time software

Custom Embedded Hardware

We develop customised embedded electronics hardware for rapid prototyping or production purposes

About Us

Solinnov Team

Solinnov Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned small to medium enterprise that provides customised solutions in high-performance embedded signal processing systems predominantly for the Australian Government and Defence sectors. Established in 2010, we design algorithms to understand and manipulate the radio frequency spectrum and implement these algorithms in software defined radios.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Electronic countermeasures for Government and Defence clients

  • Leading edge solutions in real-time digital signal processing

  • Field programmable gate arrays

We are a bunch of geeks having fun. We value passion and self-improvement through a willingness to learn, the courage to try, and a desire for excellence. We foster a friendly and supportive environment while promoting a commitment to quality and integrity.

Solinnov’s headquarters are in Adelaide and we have a team in Melbourne. Please contact us to find out more.


AMD Adaptive Computing Partner
Australian Industry and Defence Network
Defence Recognised Supplier
ICN Gateway
SmartSat CRC


Signal processing

  • Sensor processing (radar, electronic warfare, audio, video)

  • Communications modem design

  • Electronic countermeasures

  • Tracking and data fusion

Hardware implementation of complex algorithms

  • Field programmable gate array

  • Central processing unit

  • Graphical processing unit

Embedded system design

  • Application software (operating systems and bare metal)

  • Linux kernel device drivers

  • Open architecture software-defined radio

  • Low latency hardware/software interfaces

High-speed digital interfaces

  • PCI express design

  • Multi-gigabit ethernet

  • Ultra-low latency interfaces

FPGA external interfaces

  • Double data rate SDRAM

  • High-speed ADC/DAC

FPGA firmware development for software defined radio applications

System on chip design

Radio frequency interface design


BlueBottle SDR Platform

A highly flexible, affordable software-defined radio platform

BlueBottle is a tactical software-defined radio (SDR) that is being developed by Solinnov with the help of Defence Innovation Hub, sponsored by the Australian Army.

BlueBottle has been developed as an SDR framework that can deploy flexible mission apps on demand. The BlueBottle hardware is designed to be expendable.

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Electronic Countermeasures Test Bed

A countermeasure technique research, development, and validation tool

The RF Electronic Countermeasures Test Bed (ECMTB) receives signals transmitted by emitters. It determines which countermeasures should be used and transmits the jamming signals.

The ECMTB has undergone a series of hardware and software upgrades over several phases. Solinnov’s phase involved porting obsolescent components to replacement solutions.

Direction Finding Antenna Pulse Descriptor Word Generation System

Designed for the CEWIP Defence Program

Under the Collins Class submarine upgrade project, Solinnov designed the pulse descriptor word generator subsystem for the direction finding antenna system led by Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems.

Multi-channel High Performance Tuneable Receiver

Designed for Project Nullarbor (JP2043 Phase 3A)

Solinnov designed the high-precision configurable multi-channel receiver system for high frequency (HF) direction finding for the HF modernisation program. We supplied these receiver systems to Ebor Systems to be integrated into the Boeing solution.

Chris Mandalov

Engineering Director, Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems

Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems engaged the services of Solinnov Pty Ltd for implementation of several novel and highly innovative signal processing algorithms for incorporation on Virtex-6 FPGAs. Sanka made significant contributions and greatly assisted in maintaining schedule at a critical stage of high priority ADF program. Sanka’s unblemished reputation in the field of firmware engineering, was instrumental in Ultra’s ability to instill confidence in our customer that we had both the capacity and capability to meet their needs. Ultra was extremely pleased with Sanka’s performance and would not hesitate in recommending him to any other organisation seeking a highly competent and diligent firmware engineer.

Peter Jenkins

Managing Director, JEDS

JEDS has been utilising Solinnov’s services since early 2013. During this time Sanka and his team of IT professionals have worked with JEDS from the design phases of major projects through to final product delivery. We have embedded them within our product teams and they have consistently been able to come up with innovative solutions that have met or exceeded all our requirements. They have met all of our deadlines and their communication and compliance with contractual requirements has been exemplary.

Dr. James Giesbrecht

Project Manager, Ebor Computing

Solinnov was a key contributor to the development Ebor Computing’s proprietary FPGA core. We were very pleased with the support and help Solinnov provided us.


At Solinnov, we innovate and implement algorithms to make sense of complex signals in FPGA-based embedded real time systems. Our primary areas of development are wireless communications, electronic warfare, and radar. Our areas of expertise include digital signal processing algorithm design, algorithm implementation on digital hardware systems, real-time embedded software design, and application software design.

We are always looking for talented and passionate firmware and software engineers. Vacant positions are advertised on various platforms, including our LinkedIn page.

Applicants must be eligible for an Australian Government security clearance from the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency and hence must either hold or be eligible for Australian citizenship.

To apply, please send your CV to [email protected].

Contact Us

+61 8 7221 1630


Module 3W Endeavour House, 11-15 Fourth Avenue, Mawson Lakes SA 5095, Australia


Unit 6, 79-83 High Street, Kew VIC 3101, Australia